In my opinion the above quote really epitomizes the experience of living and working as an expat in China.  It is everyone’s individual choice as to which Chinese characters you wish to focus on and believe in.  When it comes to health and wellbeing I have seen very much the same pattern both for myself and my courageous clients.

China is a magnificent and fascinating country and culture and one which I feel privileged to be creating in at this time of great change. Sometimes though, the hot weather, humidity, smog, crowds of people, sounds of continual construction, translation errors, over loaded job tasks and to do lists can make you feel like stopping everything and just giving up!

Where I am located in the subtropical south, the heat makes it much more easy to get tired and depleted, so I must find easy and natural ways to give my mind, body and spirit the rest that they need, while at the same time still persevering and remaining dedicated to all my goals.

Over the years that I have lived in China I have learnt much about the philosophy and ways of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), visited many hospitals, spas and health centers, tried just about every treatment under the sun and made many great friendships with doctors, nurses and health practitioners.  Staying healthy and preventing problems from actually occurring is always my major focus.

In my experience and having listened to many China expats and healthcare professionals, living and working in China as a foreigner can be very detrimental to health (i.e –“ a danger”) due to vast lifestyle changes in the way that you eat & drink, exercise, work, play and relax.

On the other hand, I and many others would say that living and working in China can also be very advantageous to health (i.e – “an opportunity”) if you learn and understand the way that the majority of local Chinese people deal with their health and wellbeing, through such disciplines as TCM, tuina massage, acupuncture, tai chi and much, much more.


If you are new to China or an “old school” expat and you are experiencing some health related problems, or perhaps, are just in need of some friendly advice and information regarding the best ways to stay fit and healthy, please sign up for a Free one on one consultation with me and let’s explore how I can best help and support you.  China is full of fun, full of surprise and full of potential, but without good health you will never have true wealth!

China is full of fun, full of surprise and full of potential, but without good health you will never have true wealth!