Retreats for Schools & Businesses

Teamwork may be the most important variable in successful professional practice. To a significant extent, one’s ability to be helpful depends in large measure on effectiveness in building teams and contributing to team efforts.

In my opinion there is nothing that exemplifies the art of teamwork more than a human body in full health! 70 trillion individual cells working “together” perfectly from day till dawn. Keeping us alert, keeping us energized and allowing us to create.

As a Health Coach, I provide Team Building Retreats that will educate your students or employees on the key components of a successful team - teamwork, communication, trust and selflessness. Without a balance of these essentials a team will lack vitality, health and direction and will most likely never attain its goals.

Michael, if you can't pass, you can't play.

Coach Dean Smith to Michael Jordan
in his freshman year at UNC

I currently offer 2 types of retreats - a 1 day trip or an overnight stay at the beautiful Sun God Mountain Retreat (Zhuhai, Guangdong Province, China). See further details on this location below.

Our Objectives:

> To manage resources and build rapport
> To describe and understand successful teams
> To identify personal preferences and resolve conflicts
> To clarify team roles
> To identify competition and collaboration
> To establish common ground and make team decisions
> To communicate effectively
> To identify sources of conflict
> To have fun!

The Sun God Mountain Retreat

Approved by the Chinese Medical Association, the Sun God Mountain Retreat is located amidst the beautiful scenery of Maotian mountain, located near Sanzhao Town, Jinwan District, Zhuhai, 40 minutes west by car or bus from Huafa New Town Community Health Center.

It is a great place to visit and stay for Schools, Families, Businesses and Tourists offering a beautiful environment for team-work building, rest & recuperation and deeper understanding of traditional Chinese medicine and Chinese culture.

A key theme of the Sun God Mountain Retreat is preservation of nature and local communities. They preserve nature and wildlife and practice sustainability in all that they do. With 194 acres of sub-tropical hills and forest, the Sun God Mountain Retreat offers many beautiful places to spend time in nature. There are spots for quiet contemplation as well as for gathering in groups for classes and other activities.

Team Building Activities

A wide range of outdoor and indoor practical, fun and engaging ice-breakers, energizers and team building games and activities, taking full advantage of the wonderful natural resources that the mountain retreat has to offer. All activities are customized and uniquely planned to suit the particular number, age and type of group. Below is a list of names of some of the team building activities that are offered:

Animal Sounds Balloon Walk


Chinese Whispers


Hospital TAG


Tidal Wave


Human Knot


Rowing Boat Olympics


Great Egg Drop


The Web




Mine Field


Toxic Waste


Raft Building Race




Team Cooking


Brain Foods


Peg panic


Survival Scenario


Fort Sports


Group Juggling




Amoeba Race


Magic Carpet Ride


Health Preservation Contest


Spider Web


New Planet


Adventure Scavenger


The Ring Challenge


Product Line


Building Castles in the Sky


The retreat can accommodate up to 44 overnight guests in the traditional style Fort building.  All of the rooms are recently renovated and are simply and attractively appointed. The retreat is dedicated to offering you comfort and coziness during your stay. Ten twin bed rooms are available with bathrooms along with two VIP double bed en-suites and two large dormitory-style rooms with bunk beds.


Sun God cuisine is Guangdong style with an emphasis on fresh organic local foods (mostly grown at the retreat). Their wholesome meals (chicken, fish, and vegetarian options) are served in traditional fashion in their dedicated dining areas for up to 44 guests. Special menus can be arranged in advance. In their kitchens they use minimal oil, absolutely no flavoring, additives or MSG and they cook all ingredients as lightly and as simply as possible.

Meeting Areas

The retreat offers both indoor and outdoor meeting areas that can be arranged according to the needs of your group. Discounts are provided for groups of 15 or more and most of the spaces are handicapped-accessible.

For more information or to make a booking please email