Health & Wellness Speaker for Lectures, Workshops & Seminars

As a certified health coach I can deliver creative, fun and engaging presentations, lectures, seminars and workshops to your company and staff on various topics related to health and wellbeing.

I have conducted lectures, workshops or seminars at the following venues:

> Sports, Leisure & Fitness Centers

> Exhibitions & Trade Shows

> Companies (Local businesses, SMEs & Corporates)

> Schools (Kindergarten, Junior & High schools) 

Latest Health and Wellness Workshops:

Weigh Less Live More

Learn 8 simple but very powerful steps to reaching your ideal weight.  

Express Detox

Learn how to cleanse and detox in a safe, simple and effective way.

Decoding Ingredient Lists

Learn how to decipher and understand food labels and ingredients.

Bitter Sweet

An in-depth look at the effects of sugar and learn simple ways to reduce sugar in your diet. 

Green Smoothie 101

Learn how to make a proper green smoothie and why they are so healthy for you!

Wellness at Work

How to optimize health in the workplace, increasing productivity and quality of life.

An Introduction to Biofield Science

The invisible universe and its implications for our body’s health.

Happy Digestion

Learn how digestion can be the root of many health issues and how to combat them.

Chinese Supermarket Guide

Get to know what to eat, what not to eat and how to cook the dam stuff!

Little green Aliens

Healthy eating for young ones

10 Ways to Nourish Yourself and Feel Better Today

Simple health tips that bring near-instant gratification.

Eat Well, Be Well

Doesn't get simpler than that! This workshop will get you feeling great in no time.

Detox Your Hygiene Routine

Learn how to clean up your beauty routine from the inside out 

*Customized Topics are also Available!

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Chris is a very good health coach, he is also an excellent lecturer. I have learned a lot in this workshop.

Qin Liu

Thanks heaps for the marvellous talk on Saturday. Chris presented various vital points with regard to health sustenance. I thoroughly enjoyed every aspects of his workshop and it encouraged me to seriously consider embarking onto a new lifestyle that will encompass things like conscious food intakes, how to maintain a good state of mind whilst doing exercises and many many more tips! p.s. I loved how Chris used various sources of quote from celebrities of present and the past, those quotes were truly inspirational and worth a lot of mentioning! Cheers

Henry Xu

Another interesting workshop Chris, packed with useful info and as always given with so much enthusiasm. How can we not be motivated to clean up our eating ( and drinking!) habits. Not quite ready for the full detox yet but cutting down on all those nasty, horrible things you talked about! 

Ruth Rowan

I must say after attending the workshop, the detox program really seems quite approachable and I left feeling more confident doing it. Please let me know when we can get started! 

Meileen Pavone

Chris, I am glad that you put on this workshop. it was very informative and easy to understand. I also appreciated the fact that you offered practical solutions. I look forward to your upcoming workshop on detox.

John Gunther

Great workshop Chris. I found it really interesting and learned a lot. Don’t know if I’m quite ready for a detox yet but you’ve already helped me vastly improve my diet. At this rate I might even loose some weight. Keep up the good work.

Gordon Rowan

Very very interesting, something i wanna definitely try , and im sure will give me some benefit , is good something open our eyes, and see that is not all about taste , but we should focus more about being healthy in many other parts of our life.

Marcello Lavazzi

Your understandings of traditional Chinese Medicine and your desire to “bridge” conventional medicine and alternative medicine are exciting to listen to and absorb. Your view of taking insight into human nature as a whole and the importance of keeping yin & yang in balance can be used to guide many people. I really thank you for opening my mind.

Richard Tang, Zhuhai Kadoo Real Estate Development Co. Ltd