I often wonder how many people spend more on their cars each year than they do on their actual own bodies to get them from A to B! Are you one of them?

Giving yourself a regular MOT test at least once a year is essential for maintaining a healthy body and mind. I provide a quick and simple Body Health Checkup to give you a fast track insight into the current health status of your key body systems.

During your 30 minute Fast Track Checkup we will record and analyse the following health parameters:

> Blood Pressure, Weight, Heart rate, Height, Waist, SO2
> Complete Blood Count (HGB, MCV …)
> Lipid Levels (LDL, HDL, TG …)
> Glucose Test
> Stress Test (Cortisol)
> Inflammation Test (CRP)

*Please note: anyone that participates on an individual or group coaching program will be given a before and after Fast Track Health Checkup as a complimentary gift in order to compare and contrast the success of your lifestyle and behavioral changes.

To arrange a Fast Track Health Checkup please email info@chrisjbradshaw.com