Breatharian Diet

Breatharianism, also known as Inedia, is the belief that under proper conditions, people can live without consuming food and water. Some Breatharians believe they are “fed” by prana (the vital life force in Hinduism), while others believe it is by the energy in sunlight. Breatharianism is more a way of life than a diet.

Although the diet is based on abstaining from physical food, people who consider themselves a Breatharian have been known to eat food now and then. Current scientific nutrition theories indicate that a person who follows this practice long term would die of starvation; though there is little medical testing to prove this.

Wiley Brooks is a well known Breatharian and spiritual teacher who founded the Breatharian Institute of America. He has been a Breatharian for over 30 years, and leads initiation workshops to a few pre-qualified applicants.


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