Throughout my childhood and teenage years I experienced many bodily dysfunctions such as regular and painful ear infections, multiple mouth ulcers, terrible acne and continual digestive problems.  As I became an adult, working hard and worrying for the sake of earning more money and reputation, I experienced frequent stress, mood swings and severe anger issues, coupled with sweet food addictions and frequent substance abuse (in particular smoking).

I remember one terrible accident I had in Japan where I broke my front tooth completely in half.  As I lay down on the floor looking up at the ceiling I knew that it was time to make a change.  I no longer liked what I had made myself become and so from that day onwards I embarked on a swift learning curve to focus on what my heart wanted and what my heart enjoyed. Through discomfort came investigation, experimentation, listening and learning, writing and reading and feeling. To sum it all up it comes down to one thing…….

"Health is Wealth!"

So simple but so true.  It doesn’t matter how many ferraris, houses, girlfriends and investment portfolios you have.  If you haven’t got your health then everything else just melts! Now actually, I wrote a song about all of the above, and I think it sums up my story pretty well at that time and shows my clear conscious effort to make the choices and movement to the career that I find myself in today.  It’s titled Challenge Me because let’s face it, life is a challenge, one in which becomes "good" or "bad" depending on how you choose to perceive it!  Perhaps one day I’ll upload an audio recording of it, but I don’t want to scare you away too quickly!

So, now that I have a wife and two little boys to take care of, I realize that being fit and healthy is the most natural and fulfilling way to experience life in its fullest and greatest abundance.  Nutrition is a key essential ingredient in achieving this goal.  Unfortunately the world today is very sick, partially due to an inadequate food system and a worrying lack of awareness and understanding as to what is actually “healthy”.  There is a worldwide proliferation of obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease and with the type of lifestyle that most people now live, stress and unhappiness only exacerbates the situation.

The UPS and DOWNS.....

Sadly, both my dear grandmothers passed away with bowel cancer having never met my children and their new grandsons. I can never change that.  Both my sons will never know what lovely people they were. Only through the stories that I tell them.  Unfortunately I hear too many stories about people dying with bowel cancer due to dysfunctional digestive systems.   The bowels are the engine room to nutritional victory or defeat.  We must become much more aware of our intuitive needs and in tune with what our own unique bodies need in terms of nourishment and energetic success.

My two grandmothers were and always will be my inspiration and drive to help improve other people’s lives through better nutrition and digestive care.  One of my grandmothers taught me so much about good, healthy, wholesome cooking and ate only the most nutritious foods that she could find. But, her life was full of emotional torment, arguments and family upheaval.  My other grandmother on the other hand, gave me real insight into how to live happily and contently in service and in love to others, but she had a terrible diet and ate all the worst foods possible!  Different lives, different choices but the same eventual outcome.

So what does this say?  In my opinions it says that real health and wellbeing is not just about what we choose to eat  but how we choose to react and behave to life’s many ups and downs. All the statistically major diseases today are scientifically proven to be “lifestyle related illnesses”.  This allows us to take OUR HEALTH back into OUR OWN HANDS my making more informed and healthier decisions as to what we put into our body and how we go about making our daily choices, whether it be what we eat or how we choose to react or behave to certain situations.

Now although I was born and raised in the West, I have always been fascinated by the ways of the East, especially Eastern mysticism and Eastern medical philosophies.  I have been fortunate enough to have spent many years in both Japan, India and China and my beliefs and perceptions of life have been greatly influenced by these cultures.

I have learnt and practiced many ancient and alternative healing modalities and have conducted research on the interpretation and analysis of energy fields and in particular those surrounding the human body known as the “biofield” I have a carried out many personal experiments with different types of food and ways of eating, cleansing and living and each time I have learnt something new and valuable.

You see, I have come to realize that Health is ease of flow vs dis-ease. like a flowing river it is always changing, always fluctuating, always moving to a new point of balance.  Good health is about prevention rather than cure and most importantly health and life (as a whole) is about empowerment.  As a Health Coach, I empower people to find their own way, their own unique answers to the health and wellbeing problems, concerns and goals that they and their lives have manifested for themselves.

The science (if you need it!) is there.  Your own unique plan to eat healthily and rebalance some of your lifestyle habits is researched, ready and available.  All you have to so now is make a choice, give it a go and see what happens!