Enjoy life, wherever you may be, it is far richer than any salary, job or program on TV

Mission 007:

  1. To serve, inspire, help and instruct others on how to improve their lives and achieve their goals through healthier food and lifestyle choices
  2. To advise and assist the growing expat community living and working in China to find the best and most suited health care for both their individual and family needs, making their lives in mainland China easier and healthier
  3. To act as an educational bridge between Eastern and Western philosophy and methodology looking to combine the best of modern, conventional, allopathic medicine with the best of traditional, alternative, natural, holistic medicine.
  4. To support the development of a more integrated and non-invasive approach to assessing health states that strongly focuses on preventative measures before physical issues actually manifest.
  5. To assist in evolving our individual and collective consciousness so that WE achieve more peace, prosperity and harmony.
Happiness comes with not knowing it or understanding it but having fun with it!
Chris J Bradshaw
Chris J Bradshaw Certified Health Coach